First time Patient Information:

-Wear loose and comfortable clothing that will make it easy to access your arms and legs. We do carry robes in the clinic as well as elastic shorts in case you do forget. 

- Be sure to eat a little something prior to your treatment. This helps your body have enough energy to maximize the treatment's potential as well as help avoid any potential drops in blood sugar.

-First time patients should arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment time in order to fill out necessary paperwork. 

-Initial treatments take approximately 90 minutes. This gives us enough time to go through your health background. Follow up and reoccuring treatments will take anywhere from 45-60 minutes. 

Common Questions: 


What is Acupuncture?

In order to understand acupuncture one must first understand qi. According to Chinese Medical theory our bodies have energy flowing through them. The energy, or qi, flows into our bodies from the sky above, from the earth below, and through the air we breathe and the food we eat. The qi flows through 14 main channels in the body and each of these is associated with a specific organ. When the channel becomes blocked the qi cannot flow causing stagnation of energy in our body.  Acupuncture works on opening up blockages in the channels so that the energy can get to where it needs to go in the body. 

How will I respond to acupuncture? 

One of the many great things about Chinese medicine is that it addresses the unique constitution of an entire individual rather than the general population. This being said, everyone will respond in their own unique way to acupuncture. Many people report feeling relaxed after treatments. Others feel energetic, drowsy, or even blissful. As far as relief of symptoms, some patients experience immediate relief while others don’t feel the effect for up to 72 hours after treatment. Muscle soreness the following day is a normal reaction. This is because when the stagnant energy or“qi” of the body is moved by acupuncture it will likely come across other blockages in the channel in its process of reharmonizing. 

How many treatments are necessary? 

This depends on the duration, severity and nature of the complaint. Rarely is one acupuncture treatment sufficient to resolve an issue. However, in acute circumstances less treatments are generally required for relief.  Chronic problems will often call for a longer term treatment plan involving weekly treatments until symptoms improve. And some people come in once a month for the maintenance of health and quality of life. 


Clinic Payment Policies:

All payments are due at the time of appointment. Cash, check, or major credit cards are accepted forms of payment. Gift Certificates are available by calling our office at (828)308-6875. 

We do not accept or bill insurance. However, we can provide documentation you can submit directly to your insurance provider which may reimburse you directly. Approximately 30% of insurance providers now provide coverage for acupuncture. Please contact your insurance provider to find out what types of acupuncture services are included in your policy. 

Initial Appointment: $75

  • This appointment includes an interview of the patient where we do an in depth review of your health history and come up with an Eastern diagnosis and choose various acupuncture points depending on your own unique constitution. We use various Chinese diagnostics to gain a better understanding of your health including a tongue and pulse diagnosis. These methods help us see whats going on energetically in the body. This process typically takes an hour to an hour and a half. 

Subsequent Appointments: $60

  • Following appointments after your initial acupuncture session will include reviews on how your body is responding to acupuncture and changes in your symptoms that you may see. It is important to pay attention to changes you may notice in your body and health in between acupuncture sessions as this will help your acupuncturist fine-tune treatments to your ever-adapting health. Remember health is not always a linear process. 

Cupping Session: $45

  • This is a great way to relieve general back pain and stiffness and makes for a great gift for loved ones who may be needing some relief from pain or from their stressful lives. It is also widely used for athletes and helps muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity. Michael Phelps, is an avid advocate of this therapy. 

Eastern Face-Lift beauty session: $45

  • This growing beauty trend is a quick, easy way to help brighten your face and reduce fine lines. Natural beauty is the best beauty.                                      

Wellness Package: 1 month package ( 4 treatments): $200

  • By becoming accountable for your health you make a commitment of love to your body. This package is a great way to give yourself the care and attention your body needs so that you can have the best health possible. 

Cancellation/ No-Show Policy:

24 hours advanced notice is required for cancellations. You will be responsible for payment if you do not show without canceling your appointment.