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An integrative approach to healthcare and wellness

True Roots Acupuncture, located in Lincolnton, NC is dedicated to helping men, women, and children with busy lifestyles achieve wellness. We tailor our treatments to the unique needs of each and every individual and treat the root of their health concerns, rather than the symptoms.

203 South Academy Street, Lincolnton, NC, 28092

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natural Pain relief

Acupuncture works with the natural energy of the body in order to increase circulation, enhance healing, reduce pain, and strengthen immune function. It is an effective treatment for numerous ailments including acute or chronic pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, and more.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture

This procedure involves the placement of very fine needles throughout the face to decrease fine wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. This natural, non-surgical procedure can leave your skin looking great without the harmful side effects of Botox! Our soothing facials leave your skin feeling brighter, firmer, boosts collagen, clears free radicals, and diminishes those fine lines and wrinkles. Our facials feature a combination of jade rolling, cosmetic needles and lovely natural products by 5yina 

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Women’s Health

From menstrual irregularities and cramping to infertility issues, True Roots acupuncture is here to help women achieve optimal health.

what patients say:

“I started treatments about 3 weeks ago and had my third session last night. I initially went due to my migraines/daily headaches. When my last migraine lasted 15-16 days and left me in tears most nights, I finally had enough. I’ve been headache free for 17 days with the exception of one headache (self-induced by too much Thanksgiving wine!) And only 2-3 icepick headaches. IT. HAS. BEEN. AMAZING!!! I feel more alert, clear headed, not as fatigued during the day and just all around better.” -L. Young

“Lauren has helped me tremendously with my knee and back pain, the results have been wonderful! I hardly ever notice them any more.” -J. Anderson

“Since having acupuncture with Lauren, I can’t say that I’ve had any issues with sleep any more! I used to wake up every night between 3 and 4 o’clock and that’s only after two treatments.” - S. Upton

“Lauren is amazing! Pain in my knees is almost gone after just a few treatments!! Also great for anxiety and stress relief! Thank you!!” -A. Wilson


Our Practitioner

Lauren Aguirre, L.A.c. is the owner and operator of True Roots Acupuncture. She received her master’s diploma in Acupuncture & Oriental medicine from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese medicine located in Sugar Grove, NC. The four year program consisted of training in both Eastern & Western medicine as well as a year of extensive hands on clinic experience. She is board certified and licensed in the state of North Carolina.

Coming from a background in Western medicine, Lauren decided to focus on healthcare that supported a holistic approach to medicine that focused on prevention of disease, rather than prognosis.


Can Acupuncture help me? 

Over the last 5,000 years Chinese medicine has benefited billions of people. It can be used to treat a variety of health conditions including: chronic & acute pain, psychological and emotional balance, digestive issues, women's health & fertility, dermatological conditions, circulatory support, immune disorders, as well as addiction. 

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Community Acupuncture

Join us for community acupuncture sessions at Simply.Yoga.Wellness Studio in Belmont, NC!

6425 Wilkinson Blvd Ste g, Belmont, NC 28012

Cost: $20 non-members; $16 members

Upcoming Classes:

Sunday, March 31, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.

* Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot in advance